One-to-One Mentoring

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Put some spark in your spatula


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All fingers and thumbs with a spatula? Does the mere thought of de-foresting certain

body parts break you out in a cold sweat? Do you ever finish the day with more wax on

yourself than the customers?


Trust us, you're not alone. Sometimes all it takes is a little guidance and a helping hand

from someone who has 'been there, waxed that' to get you back on track and wax-happy



So with that in mind, here at Axiom Wax Academy we are delighted to offer the option

of one-to-one mentoring with our crew of friendly and experienced trainers. These

informal, hands-on sessions are ideal for newly qualified waxers, or for existing

technicians looking to pick up some extra tips to take their waxing to the next level.


Reignite your passion for waxing and become the go-to waxer in your town.


What you'll learn


Banish your depilatory demons and face any waxing scenario with courgae and conviction.

Intensive, one-on-one training that is tailored to your individual needs and delivered by our team of waxing veterans, each of them successful business owners with their own busy salons.

Any aspect of waxing can be covered, for male or female clients.

Bring a model or get together with a friend and work on each other at one of our regional studios.


Duration: one day.

Pre-requisites: basic waxing qualification.

Certificate: these classes are CPD workshops and do not provide a qualification in waxing.


When and where


One-to-one training: £80 per hour. Private training at one of our regional training centres in Basingstoke, Manchester or the Midlands. Contact us for dates and details.