Face & Body Waxing for Men

Face and Body Waxing

Gorilla warfare


If the thought of slapping hot wax all over a hairy chest fills you with both glee and

terror in equal measures, then this is the course for you.


Across the UK, male waxing is increasing in popularity as the fellas turn to their friendly

neighbourhood beauty therapists in the fight against unwanted hair.


To assist you on the battlefield, the male grooming specialists at Axiom Wax Academy

are proud to offer the UK's most comprehensive post-graduate training in face and body

waxing for guys.


Our hands-on workshop will furnish you with the knowledge and confidence to perform

a wide range of waxing and body trimming services for men. We'll also share valuable advice on retailing, pricing and marketing your male treatments, to help you get the chaps onside.


The boys are back in town. Don't miss out!


What you'll learn



Extend your treatment menu with fast and effective 'speed waxing' techniques for the back and shoulders, chest and abdomen, neck, ears, nostrils and eyebrows.



Work with strip and non-strip wax for profit and performance.



Pick up advanced body clippering tricks.



Discover the secrets of blending between areas.



Learn how to recognise and treat contra-actions with aftercare advice that really works.



Master the art of successful retailing and marketing to male clients, including advice on timing and pricing your treatments.



Duration: one day.

Pre-requisites: basic waxing qualification.

Certificate: advanced face and body waxing.


When and where


Group workshops: £300 per person. Pre-arranged classes at venues across the UK. Check our online calendar for availability.


One-to-one training: £600 per person. Private training at one of our regional training centres in Basingstoke, Manchester or the Midlands. Contact us for dates and details.


In-house training: £900 + trainer's travel. Delivered at your own premises, anywhere in the UK or abroad. Get in touch to find out more.


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