Training Terms & Conditions

1.     Booking Conditions


1.1.  Training is offered subject to tutor availability and places are limited to pre-

determined delegate numbers per class.

1.2.  Delegates attending an advanced waxing or intimate waxing class are required to

hold a basic warm/strip waxing qualification and insurance before enrolling. Proof of

qualifications may be required prior to any booking being accepted. No previous

knowledge or experience of waxing is required for the beginners bootcamp or men’s

facial waxing courses.

1.3.  Delegates attending the male or female intimate waxing course must be aged

18 years or over.

1.4.  Unless otherwise agreed in advance, full payment of all fees must be made at the

time of booking in order to confirm a delegate’s training place. Training dates cannot

be ‘reserved’ and places are only considered booked once payment has been received.

1.5.  Payment is accepted by bank transfer, debit or credit card.



2.     Cancellations and Changes


2.1.  All requests for cancellations and changes must be confirmed in writing by letter or email.

2.2.  Cancellations or changes made by the delegate less than 14 days before the agreed course date will not be eligible for refunds. Any outstanding fees will also be payable.

2.3.  Cancellations or changes made by the delegate more than 14 days before the agreed course date will be charged at 50% of the total training fee.

2.4.  Failure to attend a course without prior notification will result in Axiom Wax Academy retaining the total amount paid. Any outstanding fees will also be payable.

2.5.  Should Axiom Wax Academy have to cancel or reschedule a course and an alternative date cannot be agreed, a full refund of all fees paid will be issued.

2.6.  Axiom Wax Academy is not liable for any loss of earnings or other costs incurred as a result of training being cancelled or rescheduled.



3.     Provision of Models and Equipment


3.1.  Where training takes places at a delegate’s own premises, delegates are responsible for providing all models, waxing equipment and supplies on the day of training. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the course and no refunds will be issued.

3.2.  Models must be over 18 years of age and will be required to complete a health consultation and release form on the day of training. Models should be given a copy of the Axiom Wax Academy ‘Information for Models’ sheet beforehand.

3.3.  Models are required at set times during the course and may not ‘sit in’ for the full duration of training.

3.4.  Delegates must demonstrate competence in the practical application of all relevant techniques before certificates are awarded. Refunds will not be issued if models fail to attend and delegates are subsequently unable to fulfil the assessment requirements.



4.     Assessment and Certification


4.1.  Delegates will be assessed by: (1) completion of in-class exercises; (2) tutor observation of practical skills; and (3) completion of a written test paper.

4.2.  Certificates are issued at the discretion of Axiom Wax Academy upon successful completion of the above assessment activities.

4.3.  Where a delegate’s completed test paper does not demonstrate sufficient competency, the delegate may re-take this part of their assessment free of charge. Full and constructive feedback will be provided by the course tutor.

4.4.  Should a delegate fail the practical assessment, they will be invited to attend one further assessment at a future date to be agreed with Axiom Wax Academy, free of charge. Full and constructive feedback will be provided by the course tutor.

4.5.  No refunds will be issued where delegates fail to complete the training course or related assessment activities to the satisfaction of the course tutor.

4.6.  Axiom Wax Academy reserves the right to withhold certificates until all course fees have been paid in full.



5.     Equal Opportunities, Learning Needs, Health and Safety


5.1.  Axiom Wax Academy endeavours to provide equal opportunities in the provision of all services. This includes an expectation that tutors, delegates and models treat each other with respect and dignity during training.

5.2.  It is the delegate’s responsibility to notify Axiom Wax Academy of any specific learning or physical needs at the time of booking. Axiom Wax Academy will work with delegates to ensure that these needs are met as far as is reasonably practicable.

5.3.  Delegates and models are required to abide by all health and safety instructions given by tutors during training.

5.4.  Training will be terminated if delegates or models are disruptive, aggressive or abusive, or do not follow health and safety instructions. No refunds will be issued in this instance.



6.     Free Business Listing


6.1.  Where indicated, delegates will receive a free business listing at upon successful completion of training and at the discretion of Axiom Wax Academy.

6.2.  Axiom Wax Academy reserves the right to withdraw this service and decline, amend or remove listings at any time without notice, explanation or penalty.



7.     Copyright Notice


7.1.  All training material (including promotional material, manuals, test papers, handouts, articles, images and related online content) remain the sole property and copyright of Axiom Wax Academy, and may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the copyright owner.

7.2.  Product trademarks and images are used by Axiom Wax Academy with permission from the respective copyright owners. Permission must be sought from the copyright owner should you wish to reproduce any third party images or trademarked material for your own use.



8.     General


8.1.  Axiom Wax Academy is a trading name of The Wax Academy Ltd, registered in England and Wales, no. 8230064.

8.2.  All course descriptions and prices are correct at the time of publication.

8.3.  Axiom Wax Academy reserves the right to alter course prices, content and material without notice or penalty.

8.4.  Axiom Wax Academy reserves the right to decline training applications and the provision of any related service without explanation or penalty.

8.5.  Booking of training with Axiom Wax Academy indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions.

8.6.  Current version: updated 21st March 2017.

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