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By Wax Daddy, May 15 2017 07:05PM

Skin lifting is usually pretty easy to spot in the treatment room: a red mark or shiny pink patch of tender skin is a sign that the uppermost layers of the epidermis have been removed by the wax, resulting in a superficial graze. Sometimes, however, lifting only becomes apparent once the client has left our care and we get a panicked phone call or email the next day.

Minor grazes of this nature will generally heal very quickly – they’ll stay pink for a day or two and then either ‘dry peel’ (like sunburn) or form a scab, with no lasting signs of injury. The process can be helped along by applying an antiseptic cream at home and avoiding UV exposure of the affected area until healed.

By Wax Daddy, Jun 15 2016 06:37AM

It's a scorcher! With the British summer just around the corner and ice-cream finally back on the menu, waxing season is most definitely upon us. Whether customers are jetting off to Bali or hitting the beaches of Blackpool, hot weather and warm skin brings its own set of challenges for waxing. Here are a few poolside tips to ensure you and your clients stay cool this summer.

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