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By Wax Daddy, Feb 3 2018 08:35AM

During a back wax, it can be a struggle to reach all of the hair on the sides of the torso with your client lying flat on the couch, especially on more hirsute customers where their back and chest hair connects. That darn table top keeps getting in the way!

But there is an easy and comfortable way to reach these areas without the need for any awkward twisting.

By Wax Daddy, Nov 1 2017 07:03PM

Great waxing begins before our clients even step through the salon door.

Preparation can make or break a wax! None of us like to disappoint a customer who has shaved too close to their appointment or been out in the sun all day and is too pink to de-fuzz, for example.

Help new clients plan ahead by popping a few words of advice up on your website or emailing some tips prior to their first treatment...

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