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By Wax Daddy, Nov 13 2017 08:29PM

Axiom Wax Academy is the UK's leading training provider in male waxing techniques. As such, we get calls, emails and social media messages every week from waxing clients across the UK looking for salon recommendations. We always point potential customers in the direction of therapists we have personally trained.

To make the search easier, we recently launched an interactive map of 'Axiom certified' men's waxing salons and hair removal specialists. This is currently a work in progress and we'll be adding more therapists over the coming months.

By Wax Daddy, May 4 2017 07:03PM

Today's topic of conversation: pre-wax intimate wipes. Oh the glamour.

I provide wipes for all of my intimate waxing clients to use prior to their treatment. It doesn’t matter if they have come straight from the shower or spent all day climbing mountains - if it’s a hot sunny day, they’ve rushed to get to the appointment or are feeling a little nervous, everyone gets a bit sweaty in these situations and the opportunity to freshen up before their wax is appreciated by clients.

Perhaps more to the point, it’s also appreciated by me, as I'm the person about to spend the next 20 minutes within sniffing distance of their bits and bobs.

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