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By Wax Daddy, Jun 15 2016 06:37AM

It's a scorcher! With the British summer just around the corner and ice-cream finally back on the menu, waxing season is most definitely upon us. Whether customers are jetting off to Bali or hitting the beaches of Blackpool, hot weather and warm skin brings its own set of challenges for waxing. Here are a few poolside tips to ensure you and your clients stay cool this summer.

By Wax Daddy, Mar 24 2015 03:12PM

Roll up, roll up! Viewed with suspicion by die-hard spatula fanatics the world over, roller waxing is very much the 'automatic car' of the hair removal industry. While there's no escaping the fact that a spatula can get into nooks and crannies that a roller head can only dream of, for busy salons where speed is of the essence, mobile therapists, late-running clients, and quick and easy de-fuzzing of the legs (which I hate doing at the best of times), the humble cartridge absolutely comes into its own.

By Wax Daddy, Oct 17 2012 10:31AM

The advanced formulations and unique ‘shrink wrapping’ abilities of modern non-strip waxes are a world away from the traditional hot waxes of yesteryear, but their use is still a little known art within the UK. In an article I first published online way back in 2007, here are some hints and tips for getting the best from this new generation of products.

By Wax Daddy, Jan 24 2012 03:31AM

I am never going to be the world’s fastest waxer. When it comes to speed, I have always been of the mind that there is a fine line between efficiency and haste. In my humble opinion, clients would much rather pay for a thorough and comfortable service that maybe takes a little longer, than be rushed out of the door with sore skin and poor results.

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