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By Wax Daddy, Apr 8 2017 08:00AM

As with all skincare services, using the correct homecare products will help waxing clients get the best long term results from their treatment. But it seems that so many salons don’t know how, or tend to neglect, the retail side of hair removal.

Here's a little piece with a few thoughts to get you started, from the April 2017 issue of Professional Beauty magazine.

By Wax Daddy, Jun 15 2016 06:37AM

It's a scorcher! With the British summer just around the corner and ice-cream finally back on the menu, waxing season is most definitely upon us. Whether customers are jetting off to Bali or hitting the beaches of Blackpool, hot weather and warm skin brings its own set of challenges for waxing. Here are a few poolside tips to ensure you and your clients stay cool this summer.

By Wax Daddy, May 11 2015 07:10AM

Getting hot and bothered at the gym too soon after waxing is a recipe for disaster. Plucked pores and sweaty kit don't play nicely together, so it's the perfect excuse to take a night off and flop in front of the telly instead. Not that I need an excuse, but your customers' skin will thank you for it!

By Wax Daddy, Jan 28 2015 04:32PM

As with all skincare services, using the correct homecare products will help your waxing clients get the best long-term results from their treatment. Male clients in particular will value your guidance, as many will not know how to look after their skin properly at home or where to buy suitable products outside of the salon.

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