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Wild Violet strip wax - available now from Ashmira Botanica!

By Wax Daddy, Nov 26 2017 07:00PM

Allow me the pleasure of introducing you to my new BFF: Wild Violet.

She's the first member of the Ashmira Botanica wax family and I hope you'll fall in love with her as much as I have.

As strip waxes go, she's a bit of a party girl, is our Violet - just check out her bling, for starters. With her blend of natural resins and oils (argan, hazel and capuaçu, in case you were wondering) she also knows how to get the job done, with brilliant results every time: gliding like silk across the contours of the body, then releasing cleanly from the skin when the moment of reckoning arrives. Smoooooth.

Wanna be friends? Wild Violet can be purchased now from Ashmira Botanica by calling 01823 428588.

Pssst... she also has a brother. We call him Mulberry. More about him and his non-strip antics another day…

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