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What are your waxing customers really buying?

By Wax Daddy, Dec 1 2014 09:06PM

Getting more hair through the door is something we have all struggled with at one time or another, especially during the early days of running a waxing business.

I want to share a simple trick with you that beauty marketing expert Gill Morris showed me years ago, which completely transformed the way I went about my advertising and got me great results.

When thinking about how to attract new customers, most of us start with two basic questions:

(1) “What am I selling?”

(2) “Why should customers come to me?”

If you're anything like me, standard answers are often along the lines of “I’m selling waxing/the promise of smooth skin” and “people should come to me because I’m fabulous." We then base all of our marketing around this. We shout proudly from the rooftops why waxing is so much better than shaving, the fact that we use the best products, maybe including something about our experience, location and opening hours.

These are all relevant selling points, but they aren’t necessarily the main reasons why new customers are going to seek out our services. So instead of asking "what am I selling?", maybe a better question is: "what are customers buying?"

For example, most people don't suddenly wake up one morning and think to themselves: "oooo I really fancy a wax today."

They may, however, wake up and think: "crikey, I'm off on my holiday next week, better get that back hair sorted before I hit the beach."

In other words: clients aren’t just shopping for hair-free skin, they are buying the benefits that hair-free skin can bring them. Whether this is improved confidence, an appreciative partner, better sporting performance, etc, etc, these factors are the basic motivation behind any of your customers picking up that phone or sending you an email to book their first waxing appointment. Understanding these motivations can help you target your advertising much more effectively.

Let’s take my client Steve as an example. He’s a keen cyclist and comes in like clockwork throughout the summer to get a Brazilian and leg wax. Why? Because he believes that being hair-free gives him a competitive advantage in his sport, feels more comfortable (by helping to reduce saddle rash), speeds healing if he comes off his bike, and, in his own words: “it’s like a rite of passage, it implies you take your cycling seriously.”

Chances are, there are thousands of cyclists out there either waxing or shaving themselves at home for exactly the same reasons… so I'm going to get online and find out if there is a cycle club in my local area, if they have a newsletter or website I can advertise on, where their members get their kit and protein powders from… and I'm going to tell all of these people and places exactly why waxing is so great for cyclists and that they should come and see me, as I clearly have loads of experience when it comes to pulling hair out of anyone in a pair of lycra shorts… you get the idea!

Of course, successful marketing has many avenues, but here’s a useful exercise to get you thinking: this week, tell your existing customers you are conducting a mini survey and ask each and every one why they get waxed. Write it all down and see if any patterns emerge. Make these specific benefits your starting point for identifying and reaching out to new potential customers.

You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make to your marketing when you start thinking about waxing as a solution to an issue or concern, rather than just a great method of removing hair.

Want to know more about the ins and outs of effective marketing? We’ve teamed up with acclaimed specialist Gill Morris to offer two exclusive workshops, specifically geared to the wonderful world of waxing: ‘marketing essentials’and the new ‘better business’ masterclass. The first of these sessions will run at the beginning of February 2015 – get in touch if you’d like to join us!

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