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Wax Daddy says: be prepared

By Wax Daddy, Nov 1 2017 07:03PM

Great waxing begins before our clients even step through the salon door.

Preparation can make or break a wax! None of us like to disappoint a customer who has shaved too close to their appointment or been out in the sun all day and is too pink to de-fuzz, for example.

Help new clients plan ahead by popping a few words of advice up on your website or emailing some tips prior to their first treatment...

“Dear lovely customers, to get the best results from your wax, please heed these words of wisdom:”

- No shaving or hair removal creams for 3 weeks before your appointment.

- No chemical exfoliants (AHA or BHA products) for 48 hours prior to waxing.

- No sunbathing, sunbeds or heat treatments for 24 hours beforehand.

- No bath oils or body lotions on the day of the appointment itself.

- Do use a body scrub or mitt to gently exfoliate the skin a few days before waxing. This helps to slough off any dead skin cells and lifts the hair for better results.

- Do wear clean, loose-fitting clothes to your appointment.

- Do be aware that you’ll need to avoid the sun, steam and vigorous exercise for a day or two after waxing, so bear this in mind when making plans.

As the saying goes: proper prep prevents poor performance!

© Andy Rouillard 2017

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