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Wax Daddy loves... Ruff Stuff Body Scrub

By Wax Daddy, Jul 26 2017 08:08PM

In the battle against ingrown hairs, rarely can it be said that a product is actually enjoyable to use. Functional: yes. Effective: I should hope so. But enjoyable: not so often.

Then along came Ruff Stuff Body Scrub to brighten up my shower routine.

I’ve been fortunate to witness the birth and growth of this lovely little product over the last couple of years, and am now proud to stock the finished scrub in my own salon. Designed and handmade by fellow waxer and educator, Toni Keable, Ruff Stuff is a 100% natural way for waxing clients to keep their skin in tip-top condition between appointments.

This fabulously fragrant sugar scrub is chock-full of coconut oil to leave skin feeling soft and moisturised after use. The sugar granules themselves do a great job in the exfoliation department and gradually dissolve on contact with water, so you never feel like you are over-scrubbing or irritating delicate skin. On top of that, the whole thing smells blooming marvellous: a subtle, invigorating blend of coconut and peppermint, which is equally suitable for guys and gals.

I’ve been using this pretty much every other day for the past month, slathering it on at the end of my shower to get the maximum nourishing benefits of the coconut oil. Toni has certainly perfected her blend: it’s neither too oily (which would feel horribly greasy) nor too dry (which would make the scrub difficult to use). My skin looks and feels fantastic… I have to stop myself from asking random strangers to touch me in the street. All in the name of research, of course.

For customers seeking an effective, natural scrub in the fight against ingrowns (or simply after a lovely bath-time treat), I can recommend Ruff Stuff without hesitation.

Ruff Stuff has an RRP of £9. For trade prices and wholesale orders, contact Toni via her Facebook page or call 07840 669428. Lucky Axiom graduates get free postage on their first order - simply quote “Wax Daddy loves free P&P!”

© Andy Rouillard 2017

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