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Wax Daddy loves... Brosch Direct

By Wax Daddy, Apr 20 2017 06:49PM

Wax Daddy loves... Brosch Direct.

I’ve always found shopping for consumables in our industry a bit like planning a wedding: add the word ‘wedding’ or ‘beauty’ to something and the regular price seems to mysteriously triple.

Those who have trained with me will know that I’ve been recommending Brosch Direct for gloves and salon janitorial supplies for the last few years. Well, just last weekend my waxing chum Caroline from HONE Male Grooming drew my attention to the fact that they also sell a heap of other salon essentials... and they beat the beauty wholesalers hands-down on price nearly every time.

For some of the best prices out there on gloves, couch roll, spatulas, laundry and cleaning products, check out their website and save yourself some serious moolah:

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