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Wax Daddy loves... Aloe Clear

By Wax Daddy, Apr 6 2017 07:20PM

Wax Daddy loves… Aloe Clear.

In the battle against ingrown hairs, this rather marvellous little roll-on has become a firm favourite with my salon customers.

Available in 3 retail sizes plus a mahoosive salon version, each bottle contains a colourless gel that you simply roll onto the affected area 2-3 times a day. There’s no sting, just a pleasant cooling sensation from the peppermint oil, and it dries really quickly without any visible residue.

Here comes the science bit... ;) A triple-whammy of glycolic, salicylic and fruit acids provides effective exfoliation to help free stubborn trapped hairs, while also reducing painful inflammation and zapping any associated infection along the way.

Lovely jubbly.

For stubborn ingrowns, expect to see results within a week. As an added bonus, it’s also a blooming marvel at dealing with occasional spots on the face and any pimples that pop up on the back or chest after waxing. Result!

Produced here in the UK, Aloe Clear is the original formulation and Shave Saver is their new product, which I’m told is a slightly stronger version with added shea butter to help counteract any dryness from the acids.

For more information and to register for a trade account, call 020 8997 4781 or email [email protected] Use the code ‘AXIOM ANDY’ to get 5% off your opening order. I’m not affiliated with the company and don’t get any kickback from sales, they were simply kind enough to offer a discount for you lovely lot when I explained I would be posting a review. Nice people!

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