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The wax factor: marketing your waxing services

By Wax Daddy, Feb 14 2011 11:24AM

Even under the pinch of the current economic climate, many customers continue to view hair removal as an ‘essential’ service rather than a luxury. One of the biggest knock-on effects of the credit crunch, however, is that increasingly savvy shoppers are expecting added value for their hard-earned cash.

Now more than ever, clients are actively seeking out therapists who offer the very best, and they are putting their money where their hair is. Stay ahead of the competition with the following tips.

Waxing is very much a ‘bread and butter’ service for many therapists, with industry surveys showing that, on average, waxing accounts for around 20% of the total treatments carried out at UK salons. However, it is rarely enough to simply list your prices in the window and then sit back and wait for customers to come flocking. Even the best waxers in town need to actively promote their services to bring money through the door. With this in mind, here are some ideas to keep the waxpot hot and your bank manager happy.

Even in these tough economic times, don’t make the mistake of undercharging in the belief that it will gain you more clients. It is bad marketing to attract customers on price alone, as they will invariably go to a cheaper competitor the minute one comes along. ‘Good’ clients will pay a premium for excellent service and results and will tighten their purse strings elsewhere to stay with you. Focus on being the best in your area, and promote the reasons that make you worth the investment.

Over recent years, new ingredients, products and application methods have changed the face of waxing forever. From low-temperature waxes and hypoallergenic formulations, to a new generation of peelable waxes that remove even the most stubborn of hairs… these innovations have had a massive impact in terms of better results and increased client comfort, but are you selling the benefits to your customers? Educate clients about the benefits of modern waxing methods by using point-of-sale material, and include information about your chosen brand in your salon literature.

Write a list of ‘frequently asked questions’ or a ‘benefits of waxing’ information sheet, which you can then publish on your website and produce as a leaflet to leave in your reception or waiting area.

Think about your potential market in the widest possible terms. Promote waxing to bodybuilders, swimmers, cyclists, runners, models, dancers, holidaymakers… anyone who may prefer to be hair-free for comfort, confidence, improved aesthetics or sports-related reasons.

Join forces with other local businesses to cross-promote your services. Advertise with and offer customer incentives to local gyms and sports clubs, swimming pools, piercing and tattoo studios, wedding outfitters, barbers and hairdressers, sports retail outlets, health centres and dance studios, etc.

Selling a wedding package? Suggest adding a waxing service to make the honeymoon go smoothly in more ways than one!

Don’t neglect your existing clients. It is more cost effective to nurture your current customer base than to attract new clients. Consider a loyalty scheme to reward frequent visitors and encourage repeat business: every ‘nth’ treatment is half price, discounts on products or other salon treatments, incentives for rebooking within a certain time frame, etc.

Implement a referral scheme. Word of mouth is often the best form of advertising and a good waxer is a treasured find, so motivate your existing clients to spread the news by offering rewards for any friends or colleagues they introduce to your business.

Are you up-to-date with the latest customer trends, products and developments in the waxing world? Honing your existing skills doesn’t have to cost the earth, but a quick tune-up can really make a difference to your technique and subsequent income. Many brands and schools now offer a variety of advanced waxing workshops to help drive your business forward, from training in speed waxing and brow design through to male and female intimate waxing.

Develop and promote a speciality service: eyebrow shaping and design, male waxing, bikini topiary (stencils, gems and colouring), etc.

“The best waxer in town”, “Practically painless”, “I wouldn’t go anywhere else”… Client testimonials can be an effective way of increasing your connection with prospective customers, but keep them short and sweet.

Don’t forget the boys! Male waxing is big business and guys will often travel many miles to find a therapist who is willing and able to do a first class job. Once they discover for themselves the benefits of having smooth, hair-free skin, men become very loyal customers and will return year-round for their monthly de-fuzzing. Never slathered wax on a hairy chest before? You don't know what you're missing. Might I humbly propose our very own 'Face and Body Waxing for Men' class as a marvellous place to start... ;)

Turn waxing into a premium beauty treatment that marks you out from the competition. Finish your hair removal service with a mini-massage using a soothing after-wax lotion to calm and nourish the skin, leaving it silky smooth. It’s a nice touch that the client will remember and she (or he) will feel even better about their treatment, resulting in happy customers and repeat business.

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