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Review: Depileve roller wax warmer

By Wax Daddy, Mar 24 2015 03:12PM

Roll up, roll up! Viewed with suspicion by die-hard spatula fanatics the world over, roller waxing is very much the 'automatic car' of the hair removal industry. While there's no escaping the fact that a spatula can get into nooks and crannies that a roller head can only dream of, for busy salons where speed is of the essence, mobile therapists, late-running clients, and quick and easy de-fuzzing of the legs (which I hate doing at the best of times), the humble cartridge absolutely comes into its own.

Since the arrival of the Outback True Blue carts last month, I’ve been getting reacquainted with the wonders of roller waxing and my current weapon of choice is the Universal Duo Warmer from Depilève. I actually bought this particular model over 18 months ago and fully intended to write a review last Christmas, but, well, I got distracted by all those shiny baubles.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that those hot pink plastic accents make it look like something Barbie herself might use, but underneath that fuchsia exterior this baby is all muscle.

Plug it in, switch it on and you’re ready to roll (see what I did there?) in just under 15 minutes. With a pre-set internal thermostat to take the guesswork out of heating, the wax is kept at the perfect temperature and consistency for effortless application.

The chamber itself is insulated, which means no more scalded fingers and the wax stays warmer for longer once removed from the main unit, so you get more time to do your wax thang. Even better: there are two heating chambers for the price of one, so you never have to wait for your cartridge to reheat if its been unplugged for a while, or worry about running out of wax mid-thigh.

And for the REALLY busy salons among us, you can connect two separate units via a single power cable to save on space. That's four rollers. Four times the fun. Just how much excitement can one therapist handle?!

The Depilève Universal Duo Warmer is available from Essential Beauty Supplies here in the UK and works with all 100g wax cartridges (be aware that Clean+Easy carts won't fit in this unit). Wax-wise, I really like Depilève's own NG Bronze carts, the Pearl roller wax from Rica, and of course the fabulous True Blue strip wax from Outback Organics. Generally speaking, cartridge wax costs more per gram than tinned strip wax, but faster treatments mean you easily recoup this expense back at the salon.

Available in the UK from Essential Beauty Supplies.

Aug 9 2015 11:13PM by Sunita

I need to order depilve Rollon wax wamer

Aug 12 2015 08:57AM by Axiom

Hi Sunita, if you are in the UK you can order the warmer direct from - hope that helps! Andy

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