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Real men exfoliate (and moisturise)

By Wax Daddy, Mar 21 2017 07:30AM

Ingrown hairs… the bane of waxers worldwide. Prevention is certainly better than cure here, but surprisingly few clients realise that it’s a 2-step process: SCRUB and SLICK.

Scrub the skin

Regular, gentle exfoliation is essential to shift any build-up of dead skin cells that can otherwise trap the hair, plus it also lifts new growth to the surface.

First up, the key word with any form of exfoliation is 'gentle'. I've found a lot of customers will over-do it and go at things like they're sanding down a work surface: scrubbing themselves red raw on a daily basis or using harsh, scratchy products in the mistaken belief that "if it's hurting, it's working"... when in actual fact the skin just winds up irritated and this only serves to make things worse.

So, gently does it: 3-4 times a week tops, and get him to use either a cosmetic scrub with spherical beads that won't scratch the skin, or a nylon/polyester mitt or cloth (I personally use and love the Japanese-style wash cloths from a Bit of Rough).

Slick on some moisturiser

If the skin is dry and tight, new hairs can’t penetrate the upper layers of the epidermis effectively and all that scrub action will be for nothing. A bit like watering the garden, a daily slather of body lotion will keep the skin supple and help those new shoots to grow through easily.

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