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Quick tips for warm weather waxing

By Wax Daddy, Jun 1 2017 07:15PM

The sun has got his hat on, hip-hip-hip hooray… and the waxing clients are coming out to play. Keep your cool (geddit?) with these quick tips for sunny days.

(1) Hot, clammy skin is a nightmare to wax, so don’t be stingy with the pre-wax cleanser. My personal preference at this time of year is for a liquid, toner-style cleanser, as I find many of the thicker gel-based products simply don’t cut the mustard when it comes to sweaty bodies and industrial-strength anti-perspirants. Tea tree wet wipes are also a handy option for quickly cooling and prepping the skin prior to waxing.

(2) Switch your oil for powder if necessary. We’ve spent the last few years being told that oil is the new Holy Grail of waxing and that talc is the work of the devil. But as temperatures soar and clients arrive perspiring more than normal, a light dusting of talc-free powder over a sweaty back, bum or underarm makes life easier for everyone.

(3) At the other end of scale, customers who have overcooked their tan or returned from holiday looking like Madge from Benidorm are likely to have much drier, dehydrated skin. This can cause your wax to stick more and skin to lift, so work in smaller sections and this is where you can use a little extra pre-wax oil to compensate. As a side note, never wax over sunburnt skin, even at the peeling stage – it WILL lift. Wait for things to completely heal before getting happy with your spatula.

(4) High temperatures play havoc with your wax, too. If you find your peelable wax is taking ages to set on the skin in this humid weather, simply dampen a cotton pad with water and wipe over the top to rapidly cool and harden any gummy patches. Cleanser does the same job… but water is cheaper. ;)

(5) Finally, I say this every summer… a good SPF is especially important after waxing any exposed area of the body at this time of year. Freshly waxed skin is more sun-sensitive, bringing with it an increased risk of sunburn and hyper-pigmentation. Remind clients to avoid tanning for at least a couple of days after their appointment and to slather on the sun cream whenever they venture outside.

Now, who’s getting the ice creams in? Make mine a Mivvi.

© Andy Rouillard 2017

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