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Male waxing video tutorials available online from Axiom Wax Academy

By Wax Daddy, Aug 15 2015 02:35PM

We've got a shiny new Vimeo channel! We figured it was time to get down with the kids and film some online tutorials, so we've been busy with the camcorder and now have a series of lovely-jubbly instructional videos coming your way.

Over the next few months we'll be sharing our favourite tips on technique, product reviews and troubleshooting tricks, plus guidance on marketing and retailing to help boost your profits and confidence. Each video has been designed to support hands-on instruction, offering additional guidance and a refresher on techniques to get you wax-happy and plucking like a pro. They are not intended to replace accredited training but instead to complement any existing tuition you have already received, whether that be with us or another provider.

To kick things off, we've uploaded a male intimate waxing demonstration video. This is an hour-long tutorial showing you how to perform a men's Brazilian waxing treatment using peelable wax, step-by-step, front and back. It was filmed in one take and is presented in real time, with our head trainer Andy Rouillard talking you through the entire process from start to finish (complete with really bad jokes). With multiple camera angles, full-screen close-ups and nothing left to the imagination, you'll get to see just how we do things back at Axiom HQ… in glorious HD technicolour.

Wanna see more? Sign up for a free Vimeo account, then go here:

Grab the popcorn and stay tuned for more videos coming soon!

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