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Introducing the new Ashmira Botanica pre and post-wax skincare line

By Wax Daddy, Feb 17 2018 04:53AM

Congratulations, it’s quintuplets...

I’m a proud Wax Daddy today. My babies are finally here!!

I’m pleased as punch to unveil the new waxing skincare line from Ashmira Botanica, which I’ve been working on for the past year. It’s an absolutely beautiful range, even if I do say so myself, incorporating both in-salon and retail items to support your waxing services.

Every product is enriched with wonderful botanical extracts, natural butters and plant oils to protect and nurture the skin throughout every stage of hair removal. They all feel amazing, smell gorgeous and (of course) do a blinding job in the treatment room.

I’m going to attempt a ‘Facebook Live’ video over the next few days to show off the little ’uns, but in the meantime here is a family portrait and a quick introduction to the new brood:

Refreshing Skin Cleanser

A gentle cleansing milk with apple amino acids, for use both before and after waxing to cool and sanitise the treatment area. Its alcohol-free formula will not dry or irritate the skin, making it suitable for all areas of the face and body. Lightly perfumed with revitalising cucumber.

Nourishing Body Oil

A light moisturising oil that can be applied before waxing to protect dehydrated, sun-damaged and fragile skin. May also be used after waxing to remove any sticky product residue. Our super-conditioning combination of plant oils leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and delicately fragranced with the scent of mandarin and basil.

Purifying Skin Spritz

Formulated with betaine salicylate and phytic acid, to help prevent and treat the bumps and pimples that commonly appear on men’s backs and chests after hair removal. May also be used in combination with our ingrown serum on the torso, legs and arms to tackle troublesome ingrown hairs. Its immediate cooling sensation is complemented by the subtle aroma of orange and sandalwood.

Replenishing Body Lotion

Woven with botanical ingredients to soothe and moisturise, our silky body lotion can be used both immediately after waxing and at home between appointments. Daily use can improve the condition of skin and help prevent ingrown hairs, while the inclusion of plant extracts proven to slow hair re-growth provide additional benefits for regular waxers. Scented with uplifting notes of mandarin and basil.

Comfort Balm

Designed specifically for more delicate areas following hair removal, such as the face, bikini and underarms. This fragrance-free balm is enriched with intensely soothing, hydrating and healing ingredients: shea butter, panthenol and aloe vera provide superb comfort and protection of sensitive skin after waxing. Regular use at home can also slow hair re-growth between salon appointments, thanks to a proprietary cocktail of floral extracts with hair minimising qualities.

Want to meet the family?

For more details on this exciting new range, which is suitable for both male and female clients, contact Ashmira Botanica on 01823 428 588 or check out their website. Beautiful, hair-free skin starts here!

© Andy Rouillard 2018

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