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How to tackle bushy eyebrows

By Wax Daddy, Aug 25 2015 11:23AM

A quick eyebrow tidy can make all the difference to a client’s appearance and confidence, and can easily be added to the end of a facial, haircut or wet shave. If it looks like your customer is channelling Dennis Healey, here are a few tips for taming the hedgerows while avoiding any unwanted comparisons to Mr Spock.

:: First things first: eyebrows come in pairs. Banishing a monobrow is the quickest and easiest way to knock the years off, but mind the gap. Removing too much can have the unfortunate effect of making a client appear permanently startled, so go carefully. Place your thumb above the bridge of his nose - this is your reference point for what needs to go, and you can then fine tune from there if needed.

:: Nobody wants eyebrows that connect with their sideburns. Remove any rogue hairs from the temples and forehead, but be wary of plucking too far into the upper brow line as this can look overly sculpted and unnatural.

:: If your client has the occasional white hair here and there, tweezing them can make a huge difference to the finished look. Don’t go overboard or you’ll end up with bald patches.

:: Bushy brows can be transformed with a spot of prudent pruning, but step away from the clippers, as these can leave things looking stubbly. Use scissors to chip carefully into the brow at an angle rather than cutting across the top in a straight line - this gives a more natural finish and is also a great way of reducing any bulk if your client has very thick-set brows.

Article first appeared in issue 7 of Modern Barber magazine, July-September 2015.

For more tips on taming wayward brows, checkout our Men's Facial Waxing course - suitable for barbers and beauty therapists alike.

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