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Freshen up, front and back!

By Wax Daddy, May 4 2017 07:03PM

Today's topic of conversation: pre-wax intimate wipes. Oh the glamour.

I provide wipes for all of my intimate waxing clients to use prior to their treatment. It doesn’t matter if they have come straight from the shower or spent all day climbing mountains - if it’s a hot sunny day, they’ve rushed to get to the appointment or are feeling a little nervous, everyone gets a bit sweaty in these situations and the opportunity to freshen up before their wax is appreciated by clients.

Perhaps more to the point, it’s also appreciated by me, as I'm the person about to spend the next 20 minutes within sniffing distance of their bits and bobs.

I prefer the individually packaged towelettes such as the ones pictured above from Outback Organics, but packs of hand wipes or unscented baby wipes will also do the trick (if they’re good enough for a baby’s bottom, they’re good enough for your clients’, right?). Just bear in mind their final destination and steer clear of the mentholated Wet Wipes... that might be a tingle too far!

Whatever you choose, don’t then leave them in your loo or on the table and assume clients will know what they're for. Customers are rarely mind readers - you need to spell it out for them.

Some therapists get in a dither over how to phrase things at this point. While “give yourself a good old scrub down there” will probably prompt a few raised eyebrows, no-one is going to take offence at “just use a wipe to freshen up front and back, and put the used wipe in the bin when you’re done.”

The important thing is to TELL people, don't make it optional:

✘ “There are wipes on the table if you want to use them”

✔️ “There are wipes on the table, use one to freshen up with”

Simples. I incorporate it into my instructions when clients first arrive: “Get your kit off, use a wipe, then hop up onto my couch of dreams.” Or words to that effect. You get the idea.

Breathe easy, wax chums!

© Andy Rouillard 2017

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