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FAQ: how do I wax hard-to-reach hair on the sides of the back?

By Wax Daddy, Feb 3 2018 08:35AM

During a back wax, it can be a struggle to reach all of the hair on the sides of the torso with your client lying flat on the couch, especially on more hirsute customers where their back and chest hair connects. That darn table top keeps getting in the way!

But there is an easy and comfortable way to reach these areas without the need for any awkward twisting.

When you sit your client up to wax his upper back, ask him to place one hand at a time on the opposite shoulder or behind his head. You can also ask him to lean slightly to the side in order to put a better stretch in the skin (this is particularly useful when waxing larger/heavier-set customers).

Run a line of strip wax up from the waist to the underarm, and then remove away from the spine as per the rest of the back.

This is also a handy trick for creating an even, natural-looking division between smooth skin on the back and the unwaxed hair on the chest and tummy, or any remaining vellus fuzz around the sides (great news for clients with darker hair in particular). The line between the two will be hidden by the customer’s arm when relaxed back down by his side, giving the illusion of a seamless transition.

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Feb 10 2020 07:10AM by Waxing and Waning in Brisbane

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