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FAQ: how do I remove hot wax strips without picking?

By Wax Daddy, Jun 13 2018 11:02AM

An area many waxing therapists struggle with when starting out is removing hot wax without resorting to picking.

Here’s a short little video from Andy Rouillard at Axiom Wax Academy, demonstrating various ways of lifting that first bit of non-strip wax... no flick required!

1. Peel and reveal

If your hard wax has clearly defined edges and overlaps into hair-free skin, you can simply stretch the skin taut and peel back a corner to start your pull. The secret here is to make sure your edges are clean and even all the way around, which makes for trouble-free removal. If the strip doesn’t lift easily, try one of the following alternative methods.

2. Stick and lift

Press the waxy tip of your spatula into the edge of the strip and lift briskly. The wax on the spatula will stick to the wax on the body, just enough to raise a tab for removal.

3. Press and pull

Press the shiny, hair-free side of a recently removed piece of wax into a corner of wax still on the body, and use it as a ’handle’ to pull from.

These last two tricks are especially useful if you need to begin your removal in the middle of hair, or if your edge is a little too thin or raggedy to get a clean lift.

By the way: full respect to HRH Lori Nestore, whose own video from a few years ago provided the inspiration for this one.

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