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FAQ: Do I need to use a separate, special wax designed specifically for guys?

By Wax Daddy, Mar 23 2017 08:28PM

I get asked this a lot. Short answer: no.

Most waxes 'for men' are nothing more than regular wax with a ‘manly' colour and fragrance. It's all marketing.

Hair neither knows nor cares whether it grows out of a man or a woman, and wax doesn't care either. You'll get guys with peach fuzz that slips out with barely a whisper and girls with the toughest hair known to humankind.

Also true: using a pink wax that smells of strawberries isn't going to cause a national dip in testosterone levels. Neither will your female clients start sprouting chest hair if you use a wax aimed at male customers on them.

My advice? Pick a wax that you love and that works for your clients on all skin and hair types - don't lose sleep over whether or not it smells of Old Spice and promises to mow the lawn when it's finished playing Call of Duty.

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