Male Waxing Models

We need more men. Hairy ones.


Due to overwhelming demand, we're always on the lookout for extra guys who would

like to model at our wax classes in Hampshire, Manchester and the Midlands.


We can't pay you, but treatments are completely FREE of charge. That's right: zero

coinage. Nada. Absolutely no pence whatsoever to you, sir.


Volunteers can sign up to have whatever they want waxed - from wayward brows to

Hobbit toes (and anything in-between), and free homecare products are included as

part of the deal. It's a great way to keep on top of a regular waxing cycle... and we serve

nice biscuits, too.


Interested? Get in touch to find out more and we look forward to meeting soon at a waxpot near you.



You grow it, we'll mow it

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